I have been a attorney-at-law since 2013. I have been successfully providing legal services to companies and entrepreneurs for more than a dozen years. I specialize in commercial company law, corporate law and compliance.

I have experience in legal and tax consulting, which I gained while working for one of the so-called “Big Four” companies and law firms. I have experience in providing ongoing corporate legal services to business entities, both with Polish capital and international groups. I conducted legal analyses of recommended tax solutions.
I prepared business entities, as well as organized parts of companies for their sale. In this regard, I also conducted due diligence studies of their legal status. I carried out a number of strategic processes related to M&A, i.e. mergers, demergers, transformations of capital groups originating from various sectors of the economy, including automotive, manufacturing, construction, real estate development.
I carried out complex cross-border transactions involving companies from Germany, the UK and Cyprus.
I developed AML and corporate governance procedures, which I then implemented and conducted internal training for clients in their regard.


  • Compliance Officer (2022)
  • AML Compliance Officer (2021)

My specialization in a well-defined area and the professional experience I have gained over a dozen years in providing legal services to companies and entrepreneurs, enables me to adapt efficiently to the needs of my Principals. I take a holistic approach to each case entrusted to me. I thoroughly familiarize myself with the case entrusted to me, analyze the possibilities, which I then discuss with my Principals. My Principals commissioning me can be sure that the work will be done in a meticulous and structured manner.
On a daily basis I work in Wroclaw, but location is not a problem for me. Without difficulty I am able to take care of most matters, maintaining remote contact with the Principal.
I encourage you to contact me.


  • Corporate Law
  • M&A and reorganizations
  • Compliance